Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Steelers vs. Eagles

Ha-ha. Here's to fuelling the fire between my best friend Dana and my Dad. STEELERS vs. EAGLES ha-ha lol so funny. Dad came to visit with a new Penguins/Steelers Champion t-shirt in hand for Seren. She wears it and Dana hates it. So, Dana finally after lot's of talking about doing it finally does. Goes home to visit and brings back not only a Phillies Phanatic t-shirt but, also an Eagles cheerleading outfit. lol SO funny! Now, so my dad and the whole Decanini family from Pittsburgh don't disown me and Seren. I must say we had to bribe her with chocolate and then, in the last photo you can see she's trying to take it off... lol.
Hope, this makes everyone laugh and have a great day. Love and miss everyone,
Andrea :) Go STEELERS! LOL

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