Monday, August 31, 2009

Just for Nichole!

These photographs are from forever ago, as my wonder friend Nichole reminds me. Every time I say yeah I know I need to put them up on my site. Then, like always I forget or get distracted like I often do. My hubby says I'm like the fish from Finding Nemo, Dora who has short term memory loss every five minutes. I see a shinny object and I'm gone, off to la-la land. But, they and other friends and family still love me.

I did these photos as a favor for the many times she has watched Seren for me while I'm on a job or appointment. Her kids are super beautiful. I tell her all the time you are a great baby maker, she giggles and says, "That's why were going to have two more..." I love her kids blue eyes and can't wait to take more photos of them in the future.

Much love to my friend Nichole and family,
Andrea :)


  1. my dear....the fish from nemo is name dory....not dora...:) you're so silly! :)

  2. Shawn calls me Dory too... :-) LOL

    I can't believe Josiah was able to lay on top of that trunk. We should have done on of him IN the trunk on the beach... washed ashore. Maybe next time??!! :-)