Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hyatt Triplets

I am so happy to say my friends April and Doug had three healthy bouncing baby boy's. I have been so excited to do these photos ever since she told me she was pregnant with triplets. I've been waiting for them to return home. This was the hardest shoot I've ever done! Had so many idea's then quickly realized I would be happy to get one good one... lol There was always one that didn't want to cooperate. Then they tagged teamed me and switched up who would act up next. lol. I had a great time seeing and visiting with them that day. I don't have a lot to show for it, but will be more prepared next time. lol. so watch out Van, Pierce and Jet I got my eye on you.

This was a hilarious moment Van and Pierce looking for the boobies! lol and poor Jet like what the heck!

Sweet little Jet.

Big hungry Van.

Monkey in the middle Pierce.

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  1. Gorgeous Andrea! I couldn't imagine doing trips! I love the 'boob' one :)